Magic Case

What is the future of advertising? Interactive transparent LCD showcase and it is new era presentation of your products.

WOW effect

Move back from the conventional imaging methods of advertising of products and enter the magical world of digital and physical advertising.

Transparent LCD showcase

Shock your competitors! This is not just an ordinary box for advertising of products. This is the "game changer".

WOW! - Factor

Get the attention of all around, unbelievable WOW effect of product presentations.


Defeat your competition and increase several times revenues from the sale.


Present your product with totally new form of innovative advertising.


Top LCD displays with high contrast, full color range and effective "black pixel" overlap.


Full adaptability to your requirements. We produce "made to fit" showccase for you.

CeBit exhibition Germany
CeBit exhibition Germany

The presentation of new technology LCD displays, at the exhibition CeBIT in Germany.

ISE Amsterdam Presentation
ISE Amsterdam Presentation

Video montage of the exhibition ISE - Amsterdam, where were presented the possibilities of using of transparent displays, in real practice.


The illusion of aquarium
The illusion of aquarium

Effective displaying of possibility of interactivity of LCD transparent Showcase, the illusion of aquarium makes unique effect.

Magic Case - Your new "eye catcher"

Magic case is perfect for the advertising of products such as: perfumes, jewelry, watch, shoes, drinks, cell phones, clothing accessories and more. Place your product into Magic Case and get the attention of all around. This is your new "eye catcher" with which you will cause the sensation what have neve hoped.


transparent display types

Features and design

Overview of the basic features and functions of the Magic Box. The design of high-quality metal cover, all sizes are equipped with high-quality LED lighting inside the box. Covers for placement of product are lockable. You have the at disposal inputs like USB, SD Card, LAN, or by your requirements we can supply WiFi module. Do not risk breaking the LCD screen and insure itt by covering with safety glass. Magic Case box can be equipped with a touch screen.

magiccase functions


Basic functions

Magic Case is equipped with Android system, the small boxes 8 "and 10" have built-in speakers, the bigger boxes 27"and more, are equipped with input for the audio, so is possible to connect external speakers. According to your requirements we can offer Multi touch screen design respectively the control by remote controller. The display can  replay classic video formats such as (MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV), there is no need of any special video file. Screen resolution of LCD display up to Full HD.


In a transparent showcase


Various sizes and designs

We offer various sizes of Magic case that you could better imagine the use in practise for innovative presentation of your products. Sizes from 8 "to 55", or we can offer individual shape by your requirements.

transparent screen size showcase


How does it work?

Transparent LCD Magic Case allows customers to realistically view your products placed inside the box while watching full color videos or presentations on a transparent LCD screen describing their functions and features. The resulting effect will be really big. Get ready for the queues of your customers impressed with this technology.


LCD transparent


Principles - displaying of video


The basic principle of operation of the Magic Case is very simple. White color in a video of display is fully transparent, what will cause that the product inside of Magic case is fully visible. Black and color pixels are visible on the LCD, so the product located inside of Magic case is moreless covered.

LCD showcase overview


Your unique design

If you would like to customize the design of Magic Case with exact reproduction of your imaginations about advertising of product, simply enter your idea to us and we will take care of it.


Colorful Designs magic case