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WOW! - Factor

Get the attention of all around, unbelievable WOW effect of product presentations.


Defeat your competition and increase several times revenues from the sale.


Present your product with totally new form of innovative advertising.


Top LCD displays with high contrast, full color range and effective "black pixel" overlap.


Full adaptability to your requirements. We produce "made to fit" showccase for you.

The sale of Magic case

If you choose to use Magic case for presentation of your products, consider factors of the right selection of case size. Magic case is sold in a variety of designs and sizes. Carefully consider how big products you will present. If the product is too small and case very big, it requires more complex graphical presentation for better highlighting.

And you should not forget the place of exhibition. The case will be in contact with other people. Do not risk breaking the LCD screen and lock it by covering with safety glass (as an optional accessory). If you are going to present a product that requires a more complex presentation, or touch control of presentation, the possibility of turning graphics etc., select Magic case with the touch screen (optional). This display gives absolute perfection to your advertising and it will act timeless and extraordinary, and customer will not be bored, because he uses individual touch control of the presentation. Is WiFi connection to Magic case important for you? No problem! We will ensure the creation of eye-catching dynamic video spots, which will be created exactly by your requirements for advertised products.

All sizes and technical specifications of offered Magic Case you can find in the section  - Products .

For price calculation of Magic case, please contact us.  Each solution requires an individual attitude to the customer, regarding to the requirements of design, size, technical features etc. You may send your requirements to  info@magiccase.eu


The renting of Magic Case

At the rent of Magic case, is also important to consider all the conditions, the same as  when buying Magic case. Because it is the rent, please be sure to contact us well in advance, so we can ensure all necessary formalities for you (Magic case, engaging video spot etc.).The preparing of presentation Magic case takes some time, depending on the complexity of the design. All requirements we will professionally discuss with you, advise you what can be realized and we bring your ideas into reality.

If you are interested in renting of Magic case, it is necessary to agree the period of renting, the number of pieces, size of cases etc. You may send your requirements to info@magiccase.eu