WOW! - Factor

Get the attention of all around, unbelievable WOW effect of product presentations.


Defeat your competition and increase several times revenues from the sale.


Present your product with totally new form of innovative advertising.


Top LCD displays with high contrast, full color range and effective "black pixel" overlap.


Full adaptability to your requirements. We produce "made to fit" showccase for you.

In this section you can view and compare individual designs of Magic Case. Offered versions may differ mainly in size and resolution of screen. To each case is possible supply the additional accessories:

Each of the offered products Magic Case is ready for sale and rent . The technical drawings with precise dimensions for the installation of device into the interior can be sent by e-mail.

For price calculation of Magic case, please contact us. Each solution requires an individual attitude to the customer, regarding to the requirements of design, size, technical features etc. You may send your requirements to


Magic case size 8 "

magiccasemagiccase commercial


magiccase specifications


Magic case size 10 "

magiccasemagiccase commercial


magiccase specifications 10"


Magic case size 27 "

magic case


magiccase 27" specifications


Magic case size 32 "



magiccase 37" specifications


Magic case size 42 "


magiccase 42


magiccase 42" specifications


Magic case size 46 "


Magic case 42


magiccase 46" specifications


Magic case size 55 "


magic case 7


magiccase 55" specifications